Hello and welcome to the new boom in real estate. My name is Glenn Fradera. I'm a Broker in Delray Beach. I own Sunshine Properties of S. FL. We are a small boutique real estate company in Delray Beach. We serve most of Palm Beach County.  The market rose 28% in price for the month of August so far. I predicted this type of price increases 2 years ago. Everibody thought I was out of my mind. Properties are selling sight unseen in this area and there is no inventory to speak of. The banks are holding on to the foreclosures and releasing them a few at a time. They are waiting for the prices to reach a value they are comfortable with.

Buyers are coming from a far as Poland, Brazil, Canada, and Egypt. The market is hot!  Send me your experiences in the market if you get a chance to taynos@aol.com  Meantime I'll continue on this real estate blog tomorrow!



Glenn Fradera
Broker/Loan Originator (373200)
Sunshine Properties of S. FL Inc
Cell: 954-439-4184